Parkland Health - Our Team is here for Your Team
Role: Account Director
Production Company: DHD Films

Parkland Health has teamed up with some local accomplished student-athletes for a campaign to showcase the many ways and locations the team at Parkland is here for your team’s health, whether that “team” is on the playing field or around the family dinner table.

“As our community’s public health system, Parkland’s mission is to advance the health and well-being of Dallas County residents, and the goal of the campaign is to inform them about the variety of services and community-based care locations Parkland has to offer,” said April Foran, Director of Corporate Communications for Parkland Health.

"I love it!! You just made my entire month. I’m thrilled." 
- April Foran, Director of Corporate Communications, Parkland

"Thank you, for making the “Our team is here for your team” dream video come true. 
This is truly fabulous."
- Chelsea Kretz, Public Relations Manager, Parkland

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