Walgreens - Lift Every Voice: A Juneteenth Story
Role: Director
Production Company: Cardboard Spaceship (formerly Tribe Films)​​​​​​​
When Juneteenth finally became a federally recognized holiday, a writer on the Walgreens creative team saw an opportunity for education and inspiration. But how do you mark a civil rights milestone with sensitivity? Through the eyes of a woman who shares weeklong celebrations with her family and friends, as Black communities have done for more than 150 years. By making a personal story feel universal, Walgreens connected with its audience across multiple digital channels and social media.

The award-winning Walgreens LOOP content team fueled the effort with decades of storytelling experience and our passion for social justice. Honoring Juneteenth wasn’t a business ask — it was a creative-led project driven by our belief that this story was worth sharing.
Dallas-based writer Bridgette Williams and illustrator Dani Knight thoughtfully designed and curated a Juneteenth card collection, then we complemented it with a behind-the-scenes look at their collaborative experience. The video tells the story of Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of slavery after the Civil War, by capturing their process, perspectives and the emotions that inspired the project.

“We wanted something that I could give to my sons,” said Bridgette. “Something I could give to my aunts, my uncles and my cousins. But I also wanted something that my chosen multi-cultural, multi-ethnic family members would feel comfortable giving to me.”
That authenticity fueled engagement, delivering on Walgreens goal to proudly promote DE&I values, honor Black culture and educate its audience about the complex legacy underpinning this unique collection.

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