Delta - Free Wi-Fi for Everyone
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Delta became the first major U.S. airline to introduce fast, free Wi-Fi for all, in partnership with T-Mobile. The experience is available on most domestic mainline aircraft as of Feb. 1, with full availability on international and regional aircraft by the end of 2024.
It’s here, it’s fast and it’s free.

Delta started offering fast, free Wi-Fi in partnership with T-Mobile to all customers on board most domestic mainline flights on Feb. 1 – the first major U.S. airline to offer free Wi-Fi as a core element of its customer experience.1

Fast, free Wi-Fi was available on more than 500 Delta aircraft at launch. The airline is offering the service on more than 700 Viasat-equipped aircraft by the end of 2023. At CES in Las Vegas earlier in January, Delta also announced plans to bring free Wi-Fi on international and regional aircraft by the end of 2024.

“At work, at home, and everywhere in between, connectivity is essential to daily life, and your journey on Delta should be no different,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian at CES 2023 in Las Vegas. “Our vision has long been to deliver an experience at 30,000 feet that feels similar to what our customers have available on the ground.”

Designed to fuel Delta’s vision of more personalized travel, customers may log in using their Delta SkyMiles® account or join SkyMiles on the ground or in the air for free to connect.
“At T-Mobile, we believe staying connected while traveling should be an easy, seamless experience,” said Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO. “T-Mobile customers already get free in-flight Wi-Fi and now we’re partnering with Delta to bring that experience to all customers — regardless of their wireless provider — so that anyone flying Delta can enjoy online access from takeoff to touchdown.”

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