Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda was one of the most amazing things I have ever been apart of. Leaving Kigali to Kinigi meant waking up and leaving at 4:00am to drive 3 hours to Kinigi where I would join a group and guide and start our Trek at the crack of dawn to find the Gorillas. Each of the Gorilla families have an assigned guard who track them daily and protect them from poachers. Right now Rwanda if only one of two places on the globe where Gorilla Treks are possible so the rarity of seeing them was something spectacular. Our guide Francior was one of the funniest most knowledgable guides. He had been tracking the gorillas for almost 30 years and was not above beating his chest, eating bamboo, and speaking gorilla just to show us what we would be experiencing. Francior started by teaching us how to speak gorilla which at first seemed a bit unnecessary, until I found out later while being charged by the BIG MAMA how thankful I was that our guide could speak to her and calm her down. I would absolutely love to go back to Rwanda and see them over and over again, the overwhelming since of awe seeing the most powerful land mammal in front of me grazing in such a beautiful country was astounding.