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Growing up in the mountains of Colorado I had an abundance of beauty right outside my door. I started my artistic passions through composing and writing music. The thought that I could create a song that would be something no one has ever heard before attracted me and grew to enjoy playing keys, sitting down to my grand piano and letting the music write the mood I felt. In 2010 I got the chance to take my music to New York on the stage of the Lincoln Center as the story of Corrie Ten Boom was told through dance and theater.

After New York I decided to go to Dallas Baptist University to pursue a degree in Biblical Studies. It was there that provided the passion to start working with non profits and Christian organizations and was provided with the opportunity to do projects in Mexico, Africa, Philippines, Israel, and India. My worldview changes as I was faced with the opportunity to photograph and film some of the most beautiful people in the world learning to show people for who they were rather than what circumstances they had been found in.

Shortly after returning from Israel I decided to start shooting for a few mens brands and have enjoyed the fashion world getting to rub shoulders in NYC at fashion week and learn the ins and outs of what it meant to shoot models and clothes to help build brands.

Whether I am directing an interview, uncovering a developing story in a different country, or interacting with a model in the studio, my goal is to tale risks, push perspectives, and create something new and excellent.

If I amount to anything it is because of Christ, and if there is anything good in me, it is because I have a God who consistently provides for me and blows me away with His gifts and graces.